3B spoiler - What happens to Emily?

Romance: Good news, Emily/Paige (Lindsey Shaw) shippers: The couple will get "romantic" this season, and they might even say "I love you."

Emily's choice: In the preview for the season, we see Hanna (Ashley Benson) ask Emily "What are you thinking?" in a worried tone, and Emily replies, "We could end this." What does Emily want to do that has Hanna so worried?

Olympic friend: Emily will meet none other than Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin this season. Here's the curious part: New girl Shana is the one who introduces them. What is Shana's deal, and how does she connect to Emily?

A shovel? Emily appears to hit someone/something with a shovel in the same preview.

Emily in the finale: Emily will peek into someone's house in the finale. Hmmm...

Candy Stripers. It looks like Emily is back in that notorious candy striper uniform. But why?


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