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Victoria in Phoenix: There's still over a month to go before Pretty Little Liars returns, and I can't take it anymore—give me some freakin' scoop!
OK, but only because we've already seen the Jan. 8 midseason premiere (not to rub it in or anything)! After seven months of treatment at Radley Sanitarium, Mona's officially released and insisting "She's Better Now," which just so happens to be the title of the episode. The Liars don't exactly welcome  the A-Team-er back to Rosewood High with open arms (can you blame ‘em?), and at one point, Mona actually roams the halls clutching—wait for it--a butcher knife! Not that she's the only scary thing happening at school: Look for one antagonistic character from the past to return as a sub for a teacher on maternity leave, while another turns up as a majorly creepy janitor—but only one of them gets trapped in a deliberately set fire.

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Förlåt om du inte gillar den här sortens kommentarer :(

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