Senaste spoilers

Pretty Little Liars | We checked out the season opener airing Jan. 8, and paranoia is all the rage as Emily’s dad installs a home security system (can you blame him after all that’s happened?) and Mona returns to school but not before paying a nighttime visit to one of the girls. Meanwhile, Aria’s trying really hard to defend her dad against her friends’ suspicions, but a disturbing confrontation may force her to look at him in a new light. And if you, like the foursome, think you know who Aria stabbed during Halloween, prepare for a big twist! Lastly, two words: Cow brains.
Sammy: Can't wait for Pretty Little Liars to come back! What's going on with Toby?
Dude is E-V-I-L. Like the kind of villain that tries to run people over in a black SUV while wearing all black! Aside from that, Toby is definitely trying to get a paranoid Spencer off the "A" trail and does so by taking off his shirt and getting into a hot tub! Somehow, it doesn't work. (But man, does he look good shirtless!) Also showing off his abs in the midseason premiere? Jason, who seems to be getting pretty close with Mona.
Keegan Allen, Pretty Little Liars


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